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Quiz: Which Vaccine Are You?

Ok, but which vaccine is shown in this photo?

Wanna know which vaccine totally matches your vibe even though you'll have no say as to which one you actually get? Take this quiz to find out! 


1. Your dream vacation spot is:

A) Europe


C) India

D) Nowhere, you’d rather stay at home

E) Anywhere that’s all-inclusive 


2. Your optimal temperature is:

A) -94 degrees, about as warm as that one GENED TF you had freshman fall

B) Freezing, aka Cambridge during May

C) Mid 40s, like that professor you want to hook up with

D) Just below freezing, aka Cambridge from October to April

E) Anything as long as it’s humid


3. You’re going to dinner in the square. You choose:

A) Sweetgreen

B) Russell House Tavern


D) Spyce (seems science-y and cool but not here yet)!

E) Milk Bar


4. This is your year to get fit! You exercise on Jan 1st but wait to exercise again ________

A) for 3 weeks

B) for 4 weeks

C) for somewhere in between 1-3 months

D) why would you exercise again when those 4 crunches got the job done?

E) Until you have to walk somewhere 


5. What is your go-to punctuation/grammar?

A) Hypfen

B) Emojis

C) Oxford Comma

D) Ampersands

E) Grammarly 


6. You’re preparing for consulting interviews. You...

A) Prep for all the hardest answers

B) Research ways to cheat

C) Have your friend do a mock-interview

D) Would rather do Investment Banking

E) Watch “House of Lies”


Mostly A’s:

You’re Pfizer: you enjoy the pfreezing temperature, perpfectionism, and maybe even Pforzheimer House.


Mostly B’s:

You’re Moderna: easier to store but harder to afford.


Mostly C’s:

You’re Astrazeneca: warm, low-maintenance, and prepared by mimicking real-life situations.


Mostly D’s:

You’re Johnson & Johnson: honestly, we don’t know much, but you only require one dose! Go you!


Mostly E’s:

You’re Hydroxychloroquine:  You're not preventing or curing anything

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