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List: Strikes That Are Not the One Happening In Syria

Unlike US coalition forces, lightning rarely strikes the same place twice.

In order to distract you from the latest developments in the horrific quagmire that is the Syrian civil war, Satire V has compiled a list of strikes that are not the one happening in Syria:

  • A high school theater production strike
  • God striking you down for your grave sins
  • A bowling strike
  • A lightning strike
  • Striking gold in the 1849 California Gold Rush
  • That's strike three David. I want a divorce.
  • James Strike, that guy who works at CVS on the corner. No the other CVS, on the other corner.
  • Another lighting strike
  • The 2016 HUDS strike
  • Striking while the iron is hot
  • Colonel William Stryker
  • The Pullman Strike, a major turning point for U.S. labor law
  • Farts Using strikethroughs for comedic purposes
  • The bird strike that nearly took down US Airways Flight 1549, better known as the "Miracle On the Hudson." Boy, do I remember that day well! I had just gotten home from work when I heard on the news that a plane landed on the Hudson River. A plane on the Hudson! Can you believe it? I couldn't! That Captain Sully is an American hero. They should make a movie out of that. They did? Who played– Tom Hanks? Hey, that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll check that out.
  • The strikes that are happening in Yemen (oops!)
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