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Giorgio Tsoukalos Unconvinced of Alien Activity

I'm not saying it wasn't aliens. But it wasn't aliens.

Nazareth, Israel—Following months of study, researchers have concluded that a conical stone structure discovered beneath the Sea of Galilee must be extraterrestrial in origin. The structure, twice as large as Stonehenge and weighing 60,000 tons, was initially believed to be part of a flooded ancient city, but further analysis has indicated that the area surrounding the structure has been submerged since at least 15,000 years before the birth of Christ, long before humans settled in the region.

            “Basically we’re left with two possibilities,” said lead archeologist Spencer Rasmussen of the University of Michigan, “either the structure was initially built completely underwater, or it has been in place for almost 20,000 years. Stone age humans did not possess the tools to perform either action, and we are forced to conclude that the builders of this particular structure were not human at all. Impeccably pristine metal objects bearing indecipherable hieroglyphs and traced to the same era that washed up in the last few weeks have further solidified our conclusion that extraterrestrial intelligence was present on Earth in pre-history.”

             Giorgio Tsoukalos, prominent Ufologist and host of the popular conspiracy show “Ancient Aliens”, remains skeptical. “The evidence for an alien origin is circumstantial at best. The shape of the Sea of Galilee structure is uncharacteristic of the Tau Ceti aliens active in the region at that time. It more closely resembles the structures left by the Greys, who did not arrive on the planet until the Battle of the Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312. You would hope that researchers would be a little more discerning before publicizing ridiculous theories like this.” 

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