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8 New Oscar Categories You May Have Missed

During the commercials, there are over a thousand suspenseful envelopes read off-screen. Do YOU know whose names are inside?

In an effort to promote diversity within the acting community, we have decided to add some additional categories to our show this year. While we cannot include all of these amazing contributions on TV, we are so excited to share the nominees with you now. 


Most Potential in a Film for a Quirky Sequel Title

  • BlacKkkkkKklansmen
  • Black Panther-er
  • Antman and the Wasp and the Population of Bees is Declining at an Alarming Rate
  • Mission KimPossible (just Tom Cruise wearing a red wig)
  • Crazier Richer Asians


Best Use of a Color in the Title of a Motion Picture

  • Black in Black Panther
  • Green in Green Book
  • Black in BlacKkKlansman
  • Aqua in Aquaman
  • Red in Red Sparrow


Best Frame in an Animated Feature

  • Frame #57633 ("The Stolen French Fry"), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Frame #92310 ("The Perfect Fishbone Removal"), Isle of Dogs
  • Frame #10244 ("Scary Baby Wants to Vaporize Raccoon"), The Incredibles 2
  • Frame #62881 ("The Sky Looks Really Purty"), Mirai
  • Frame #23345 (“Mother Force-feeds Herself Dumpling Child”), Bao


Best Anagram of a Film Title

  • Tequila Cape, A Quiet Place
  • The Crab Plank, Black Panther
  • Already Eye Porn, Ready Player One
  • Heave Huge Tit, The Hate You Give
  • Be Nicer 2 Lids, Incredibles 2


Best Extra in a Motion Picture

  • Tall guy with yellow shirt at Street Market in Crazy Rich Asians
  • Bird #37 in Birdbox
  • Woman that cheers after Queen performs in Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Underminer in the beginning of Incredibles 2
  • Scientology in Mission: Impossible - Fallout


Best Bead of Sweat Dripping Down Bradley Cooper's Neck

  • Droplet McSalty in  A Star is Born
  • Blobby Blobberson in A Star is Born
  • Francis Driblet III in A Star is Born
  • Drip Toohard in A Star is Born
  • Harry in A Star is Born


Best Phallic Shrub in The Background While The Main Characters Fire Guns in the Foreground

  • Shrub #3 in The Favourite
  • Forest Fire Tree #12 in Roma
  • Rose Bush #7 in Sherlock Gnomes
  • Aquatic Plant #27 in Aquaman
  • Evergreen #52 in Vice


The Liam Neeson Lifetime Achievement Award for Cultural Appreciation

  • Liam Neeson
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