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"South Park" Ends Run after Offending Last Remaining Population Group

After 13 seasons, the creators of the popular television series South Park have decided to call it quits after officially making fun of every conceivable population group. Following last week's episode poking fun at Armenian pastry chefs with Parkinson's disease, show co-creator Trey Parker explained the decision to a stunned television audience. "We've simply run out
of people to make fun of. Every country, region, race, profession, disease and way of life has found its way into an episode.

The decision left many fans disappointed. Says longtime watcher Robert Trent, "I thought for sure they hadn't gotten overweight skateboarding English majors, but then I saw season 5, episode 14. Damn, I guess they have gotten everybody. I just can't believe it's over."

There is hope for a revival, however: "We may come back, we're not sure yet. Hopefully, more ethnic groups will sprout up as time goes on and new diseases discovered," added Parker. "For now, though, in the words of Eric Cartman, "screw you guys, I'm going home."

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