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Santa Unable to Bring Back Daddy

Molly O'Monahan, a mean eight years old, didn't want the new Hannah Montana
Young Ladies Bra for Christmas this year. She didn't want Guitar Hero 27. She
didn't even want a pony. She just wanted to get her recently divorced father
back. Santa has been unable to deliver.

Little Ms. O'Monahan though has been quite the optimist,
bragging to her teachers, dolls, and one, albeit imaginary, friend. ""I've seen
Santa. When I thought I saw daddy kissing his secretary, it wasn't daddy but
Santa""""he said so himself! Just thinking about this makes me love Santa almost as
much as daddy.""

Molly's mother, Sharon, says, ""I'm never letting Molly see
that mother fucker again."" When asked what Molly is going to receive for
Christmas, she stated, ""He fucking betrayed me.""

Nonetheless Molly's maternal grandparents have already
purchased their gift for Molly. ""I know that this has been really tough on our
Molly,"" states her grandmother Pearl. ""So we bought her three bars of soap and
an electric toothbrush. Because no matter how tough things are or what happens,
she'll always need to be clean. This just goes to show that you learn a thing or
two in life. I can't wait to see the smile on her face."

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