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The Saddest Part of Marley and Me was When the Mars Rover Died

Opportunity rover
The there was that time when they played fetch, but with a random rock 'cause it was on Mars?

I don’t normally cry during movies, but when the Mars Rover died at the end of Marley and Me, I’ll be honest, I was a mess. 

From the moment Opportunity (Oppy) drove onto the screen, I knew this little rover would forever occupy a special place in my heart. Like when Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were teaching it how to play fetch, but it kept bringing back meteorite samples from different parts of the park? Aw man, I was laughing so much. What a stupid little sophisticated 20 Mhz RA6000 CPU with 128 MB of DRAM.

Oppy was adorable even during his naughty phase when he dug up all the mineral deposits in the yard and had to sleep outside for two years. But pups never learn, and once he was let back into the house, he immediately chewed all of Jennifer Anniston’s shoes. That said, you can’t stay made at the little guy. Just look at his pout. 

If I’m being completely honest, the movie was a bit too long. By the end of the first 4000 sols (4121 days), I really had to pee. Around sol 5045 I decided to pee in my Sprite cup so as not to miss the rest of the film, and dare I say, it was so worth it to see Oppy return home after being lost for the last six years.

I know Hollywood writers have made a career out of tugging on your heartstrings, but when they were putting the rover down and it said, “My battery is low and it’s getting dark,” I lost it. I couldn’t even comfort my GF because I was crying so damn hard. Good thing she left by sol 12. 

So Oppy’s dead and the movie’s finally over, but at least I still have something to look forward to! That movie First Man about Neil Armstrong? Yeah, I hear it’s got a sheltie in it. 

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