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Rand Paul Admits to Plagiarizing Dr. Seuss

"I want all the red fish and blue fish in Congress to cooperate."

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who previously faced plagiarism charges for copying passages from Wikipedia’s Gattaca page in a political speech, was once again accused of copyright infringement for his Washington Times op-ed on drug sentencing. His article faced public scrutiny after readers complained that many of his phrases were distinctly similar to those in the popular Dr. Seuss books.

Suspicion first arose when Paul accidentally submitted his article to the Times under the name “Sam-I-Am.” His article was flagged for potential plagiarism when a Times editor came across a paragraph that read: “I’m not pointing fingers at just one fish, two fish. I want all the red fish and blue fish in Congress to cooperate. Black fish, Blue fish, Old fish, New fish.”

 Paul initially denied all plagiarism accusations and refused to acknowledge any intentional similarities between his work and Seuss’ work.

 “I didn’t copy Dr. Seuss. Great minds just think alike! Oh the thinks you can think up if you only try! If you try, you can think up a Guff going by!” Paul said in a press release, before hastily mentioning that he had just improvised that line on the spot.

 He eventually admitted to his wrongdoing when authorities found highlighted copies of Dr. Seuss books strewn about his office.

 Paul was heard quietly chanting, “A person’s a person no matter how small,” as he walked up to a podium to deliver a statement of apology.

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