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Obama Victory Robs Obama Supporter of Purpose

Barack "The Man" Obama
After spending his days watching CNN, reading political blogs, and actually meeting the man himself, even if only once, Alan Donahue, a former middle school English teacher, is utterly bored and purposeless now that Barack Obama is America's president.
"I was so excited when he won. That is, when we won," says Alan. "I was celebrating with all of my friends and got so excited that I got drunk. Well, I was actually alone, but I was still pretty drunk. Barack's election was still really exciting though."
He continues, "A couple of days later I got a thank-you photo from the campaign for my contribution. They jammed it into my P.O Box and it got slightly folded, which still means all the way ruined. Not only was it generically addressed to "Friend", it also wasn't actually signed by Barack. He couldn't spare the time?"
Since then, Alan has lost the passion that kept him going in life. With CNN focusing on the economic recession, which has completely spared the already unemployed Alan, he no longer watches television. "I don't know what I'm going to do now," says Alan. "I call it ennui."
Nonetheless, as of this writing, Alan has seemed to have found a new hobby: whittling. Specifically, he likes to whittle little wooden boats that he enters into races. He states, "The best thing about my races is that I always win. No one can beat me." With extra enthusiasm he continues, "In fact, no one even tries."
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