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Obama to Replace Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore

A special taskforce on National Parks and Monuments announced major renovations will be made to South Dakota landmark Mt. Rushmore in the coming year.

The group's spokesperson, Obama Girl, said at a press conference yesterday that construction will begin this month on a project to remove the faces of Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt from the monument, and add a full-body sculpture of the 44th President reclining on his side.

The decision has yet to be made whether or not President Obama will be clothed in this colossal rendering. 

According to reports, there was some controversy among the engineers working on the project regarding whether Lincoln would also have to be removed
from the sculpture. A few believed that his face potentially interferes with the halo that will surround President Obama's visage. 

Obama Girl explained the group's decision. "Because Lincoln has so often been compared to President Obama, the decision was made to allow his image to remain on the monument for the time being."

Further design tweaks were announced for the nearby Crazy Horse Monument.  Though that giant sculpture was originally intended to depict the famed Native American chief riding a horse, it will now feature Michelle Obama petting the family dog, Bo. 

The taskforce hopes that these renovations will be completed in time for the celebration of Barack Obama's canonization, which is anticipated to be within the next five years.

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