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Jews Grudgingly Admit, Apocalypto "Pretty Good"

Jewish Consensus: Mel Gibson Deserves an Oscar

NEW YORK, NY — Despite calls for boycott after Mel Gibson’s drunken
diatribe against the Jews, members of the Jewish community have had to grudgingly admit that Gibson’s “Apocolyptico” was actually pretty good. “I mean, I guess that part where that jaguar fights the guy wasn’t bad,” said lawyer and Jew, Stephen Kofax. “It was a bit violent, over all; I’m no huge fan of gore, but I guess I was entertained
the whole way through.”

Kofax continued, “I am confused, though, I thought Mr. Gibson said we were responsible for all the wars in the world. Were there ancient Mayan Hebrews?
I’ll have to ask my Rabbi.”

“I guess what it comes down to,” Kofax concluded, “is what am I gonna do on Christmas if I can’t eat Chinese food and go to the movies?”

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