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Homeless Man Claims Obama Stole his Message of Change

Though he is popular among voters,
Barack Obama has recently come under blistering attack by area homeless
man Joe Gibbons.

Barack Obama has stolen my message of change,' complained Gibbons
from his favorite Harvard Square hotspot - just outside CVS. 'The fact is, I've been asking for change since I was' hold on a second, HEY LADY! SPARE CHANGE?' Gibbons yelled as he held out his Dunkin' Donuts cup to the most recent customer to exit CVS.

While Gibbons has never held political office, he considers himself a far superior candidate to Obama. 'We don't want just any guy in the White House seeking change,' explained Gibbons
while fishing his cup for quarters in a sea of nickels and pennies, 'what we need is someone with the experience
to deliver change, a fighter, not a talker. I am that candidate.'

Gibbons then pulled out a quarter, and with a smile on his face proclaimed, 'Yes we can.'

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