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Family Can't Agree on Pizza Toppings, Shuts Down

San Diego, CA: The Marshall family ceased all non-essential family functions today, following a shut down caused by the family's inability to agree on either a pepperoni or cheese pizza for delivery.

Under the shut down, signing of school permission slips, purchasing of food for the family's cat, trips to Grandma's house, and basic familial love will be suspended indefinitely.

"I'm sick of it," fumed Janet Marshall.  "My husband is pulling the same kind of brinksmanship that led to the family game night fiasco.  He needs stop holding this family hostage."

"It's a matter of principle and we have to take a stand somewhere," said Jeff Marshall.  "First you order cheese pizza, before you know it, you concede that vegetables are an acceptable pizza topping, and then BAM!  just like that you're living in a Godless totalitarian dictatorship." 

A compromise suggested by the couple's three-year-old daughter whereby the family would order one side with pepperoni and one side without was roundly rejected by both parents.

"Are you insane?" screamed Mrs. Marshall.  "That is absolutely no different from appeasing HITLER.  Why don't we just give your father half of Poland while we're at it?"

While the Marshalls' nine-year-old son could not be reached for comment as he was never picked up from a soccer game that ended three days ago, recent polls suggest that the Marshalls' approval rating among their children is hovering around 8%.

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