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Dead Panda Cub Helps Win Emmy For Best Reality TV Series

The panda cub at its most vulnerable, which is always.

In a surprise, last-minute nomination by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), the footage titled The Panda Express claims the Emmy for best reality TV series on Sunday night after the tragic death of the newly born giant panda cub at the National Zoo.

The reality show aired during primetime on the mega network CSPAN as filmmakers followed footage of the mother panda through its pregnancy to the death of its cub. Public outcry, motivated by the short life of the panda cub, convinced the ATAS to consider the show and it eventually came out the winner, besting both The Amazing Race (CBS) and The Voice (NBC). In the end, critics agreed that The Panda Express embodied the true essence of reality television- the overflowing of joy from new hope in the world crushed by a dramatic death.

 “I would like to thank the academy and the cruel God who allowed this to be possible,” said zoo and film director Dennis Kelly, who accepted the award.

Veterinarians are not yet sure how the panda died, but some experts believe that the increased number of negative presidential campaign ads was a factor. This is the fifth dead panda cub this month in the US.

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