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College Board Releases SAT Reading Passage Formula

I remember growing up as an (Irish Immigrant/AfricanAmerican/Latino/Navajo/Asian
American) child during the (Great Depression/Civil Rights era/war). Back in
those days we didn't have much, just an infinitesimal house in (rural
America/the city/Chinatown). On some lazy afternoons, I used to sit on the
(front porch/kitchen counter/bed my eight siblings and I shared) and think about
the children playing in the (word from another language, italicized) and how
happy they were. I was always getting in trouble at school because I would (draw
on things/ask questions/write a lot).

One day, I came home from school (upset/excited/angry)
because another kid had said I was (fat/dumb/discriminatory word). While in the
kitchen making (ethnically-appropriate dish) my mother told me (insert moral
saying). From that day forward, I wasn't ashamed of my talents. My mother was a (kindly/loving) parent who influenced me greatly. I
will always remember that day and her advice, which helped me on my journey to
become a (writer/artist/playwright). 

  The protagonist's primary motivation for becoming a
(writer/artist/playwright) is ___________
  A) a mother's love.
  B) didactic.
  C) anthropomorphic.
  D) the racial injustice he has suffered.
  E) juxtapose.

  The word infinitesimal (line 2) means:

  A) palatial
  B) miniscule
  C) ethnic
  D) infinite
  E) What?

  It can be inferred that the protagonist's mother
is especially disturbed because she:

  A) Doesn't have a man in her life.
  B) Has a (fat/dumb/discriminatory word) son.
  C) Believes her life's work has been
  D) Does not feel herself to be so old.
  E) Has a (Irish
Immigrant/AfricanAmerican/Latino/Navajo/Asian American)

  The protagonist most likely went on to:

  A) Attend a major research university.
  B) The racial injustice he has suffered.
  C) Become a successful
  D) Promote the sale of controlled

  E) Be Kenan Thompson.

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