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Cheating Scandal Shatters Atlantans' Faith in Competence of Municipal Government

How could someone cheat in a city like this?

Atlanta, GA--After eleven Atlanta Public Schools administrators received criminal convictions for conspiring to change their students' test scores, residents of the city have been shocked by the revelations of corruption and dysfunction in their government.

"I've heard of things like this happening, but in all my years of living in Atlanta, I never thought it would happen here," said Leroy Peters, 41, an accountant. "I thought that the civil servants of Atlanta would be above something like this. I guess I was wrong."

"Thanks to our government, we have had an excellent police department and a world-class public transportation systemHow could this happen in our city?" said Joanne Thompson, 56, a nurse and longtime Atlanta resident. 

The incident is a dark spot on the otherwise sterling reputation of the government of the city of Atlanta, which has led the prosperous and fast-growing city and which in 1996 organized a wildly successful Summer Olympics.

"At least we still have our efficient and uncongested road network," added Thompson.

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