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Broncos Players Thank Teammates, Family, God for Future CTE

Members of the Denver Broncos appeared in a press conference on Sunday evening following their Super Bowl 50 win to express their gratitude to everyone who had supported them until now on their path to the victory and a future diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE. 

“We couldn’t have done it without you guys,” read safety T. J. Ward from the team’s prepared statement. “After all of those hard days of practices, training camps, and games, we were lucky to have you all by our sides to urge us forward on a career of repeated brain trauma, which would eventually lead to the buildup of harmful tau proteins and the gradual degeneration of our cerebral tissue.”

The players thanked many people, including their families who had encouraged them to join football programs, their friends who had peer pressured them into staying in the game even when they ran headfirst into a lineman, and the entrenched structures of socioeconomic inequality that forced them to use sports as a means to escape poverty.

“How could we forget the debts we owe to the NCAA, which contracted us to play for free or else lose our spot in a university, and to the NFL, which spent years trying to silence scientific studies showing that we would suffer from irreparable brain damage?” the players' statement said. “We owe you so much.”

“We can’t wait until next year, when we will be back and ready to compete for the next Super Bowl. We can’t wait until the year after that. And we can’t wait for ten years from now,  when the first signs of memory loss, dementia, and emotional volatility will begin to manifest themselves.”

“Also, we’ve got to thank God for giving us the opportunity.”

Image source: Denver Broncos/Wikimedia

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