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Bill to Hillary: "I'll Take It From Here"

"I've got this now darling."

CHAPPAQUA, NY -– Former president Bill Clinton has told his wife, Hillary, that he will quietly take over her presidential bid, with Senator Bernie Sanders continuing to put up a strong fight for the Democratic nomination.

“Hillary’s done a great job so far,” he said. “However, when we win the nomination, the race for the presidency will really heat up, and we won’t be able to afford to slip-ups like Michigan in the general,” he added.

The Clintons celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last October, but many have speculated their relationship is mostly political at this point and serves primarily to advance their respective political careers.

“We all know what Hillary’s presidency would mean: me back in the White House,” said Clinton. “And let’s be honest, we all know who’s actually going to be calling the shots then. I might as well take over now to make sure things go according to plan. Of course, Hillary will still be the face of the presidency.”

Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States but cannot run for reelection as he served two terms. According to sources close to the Clintons, Bill considers the two-term limit on the presidency “a travesty.”

“The people want what the people want,” he noted. “If the people want ‘Slick Willie’ back in the White House, then who are we to stop them?”

At press time, Mrs. Clinton had commented that, "It's important to let Bill enjoy his little fantasies from time to time. I mean, how could a woman ever be expected to run a country as big as the USA, especially one who shouts as much as I do?"



Image Source: Reuters

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