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Biden Just Sleep Talking

Biden's frequent night terrors may have contributed to some of the debate's more belligerent moments.

WASHINGTON, DC--Democrats have heralded Vice President Joe Biden’s performance at the recent vice presidential debate with Republican candidate Paul Ryan as “just what the party needed” and “energizing.” But recent lines of communication from the White House have confirmed that Joe Biden was actually debating in his sleep.

Said the baffled moderator Martha Raddatz, “He did drool a lot, and kept mentioning this incredible donut shop we had to go to.” Political analysts across the country are now unsure of how to qualify this latest development. “It could be either a really terrible thing, or it could be the best thing ever for the Democratic Party, because if he was that good asleep, imagine how good he could be awake!” replied an anonymous DNC official.

When pressed for comment at a recent press conference, Joe Biden declined any responses, mostly because there was this really nice corner of the press conference room that just had to be napped in.          

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