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Americans Psyched for Sunday's Episode of Downton Abbey

Americans all across the nation are donning jerseys and purchasing grilling supplies for Sunday’s big TV event, when everyone will tune in to watch the fifth episode of Downton Abbey, Season 4.  The episode of PBS’ wildly popular Masterpiece series is expected to draw the highest television audiences of the year, with estimates hovering around 105 million viewers. 

“Last year, we had about 108.4 million viewers for episode 5 of season 3, but we suspect a solid group of them tuned in just because Beyoncé made a cameo and reunited with Destiny’s Child while Lord Grantham was talking to Lady Edith,” said PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger.  “We’ve tried to bring in the big guns this year, but the only musician who answered our calls was Bruno Mars, and frankly, he’s no Beyoncé.  He’s not even a Matthew Crawley, if you know what I mean.”

The Verizon Wireless Downton Abbey pre-show show will feature commentary by noted historians and film critics such as Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and Howie Long, all of whom made their careers on previous Masterpiece programs like Upstairs, Downstairs and the 2006 adaptation of Charles Dickens’Bleak House.  Additionally, the Taco Bell Replay feature will allow viewers at home to rewatch dramatic moments in slow motion.  Other corporate sponsors include Bud Light, the Official Drink of Downton Abbey, and Sabra, the official hummus dip of Downton Abbey.

However, critics warn that the importance of Sunday’s episode may produce some early mistakes in the players.  “Last year at this time, we saw a little break in Lady Mary’s otherwise steely façade.  Will she be able to hold it together now without Matthew?  And will Branson be able to resolve his socialism with his position on the estate?  These are some of the questions that are on all Americans’ minds this week,” said commentator and noted beneficiary of nepotism Joe Buck.

“The game changer here is the Dowager Countess,” added Michael Strahan.  “She’ll have some tricks up her sleeve.  And we shouldn’t underestimate her capacity to produce biting rejoinders.  That’s going to be huge.”


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