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9/11 Truth Guys Not Sure Who Has Truth Anymore


For years now, Harvard students have been
sure of one thing: the American public does not know the truth about 9/11. While
the US government and media did a good job of covering up the truth around the
country, they missed one crucial bastion of veritas: the outside of the
Science Center. And yet there is new controversy in the world of 9/11 truth: Jim
Hunter and Thomas Manson, the two 9/11 truth guys who camp out outside the
Science Center, are no longer certain which of them really knows the

""I used to be so sure,"" shared
Hunter. ""I mean for years I thought it was so obviously gay Nazi Jews who did
it. Being both Jews and Nazis, they have a lot of self-loathing issues that they
tend to express through violence. Not to mention the indisputable fact that nine
eleven backwards is nevele enin. That may sound like nothing, but it probably
means something in Hebrew"" something gay."" After talking to the other proponent
of 9/11 truth, however, Hunter's perception of reality was shattered.

Manson believes that 9/11 was an
inside job, spearheaded by Dick Cheney. ""But there's more to it than that,"" he
explains. ""Cheney is actually part machine, and he can change between a human
and a huge passenger air plane. No, not like a Transformer. I haven't even seen
that goddamn movie. Basically, he morphed into a plane, crashed into the twin
towers, then changed back into Cheney. It all makes sense, or at least it did.""
Even Manson is now questioning his theory, after listening to Jim Hunter's
Gay-Nazi-Jewish hypothesis. Anonymous sources say that after additional research
the two are combining their theories into a gay, Jewish, neo-Nazi,
plane-morphing Dick Cheney conspiracy. ""We've definitely got it this time,"" says


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