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Literal Genius Discovers Situational Irony of "Good" Friday

Francisco's stroke of observational genius came while she was browsing Twitter at work.
MILWAUKEE, WI – Today local office temp and literal genius Alex Francisco discovered the situational irony embedded in the term "Good" Friday.
Good Friday, a Christian holiday observed during Holy Week, commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. "Looks like it wasn't so 'good' for Jesus, huh?" said the utterly brilliant Francisco. "Guess they didn't take that into consideration when they named the holiday, did they?"
Francisco, who is nominally an Episcopalian but obviously a prodigy, had heard the term "Good Friday" before, but claims she had never put much thought into it. "I thought it would be about something good, like Jesus in the general sense. Turns out, Good Friday is actually about something bad. Go figure!"
As of press time, only one of Francisco's co-workers chuckled after hearing of her groundbreaking discovery in the break room during lunch.
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