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Fig Tree Ready for Spring

Pictured: The fig tree, happily singing "Here Comes the Sun," ImageSource:

As the month of March continues, at least one little tree is ready for spring.  

Standing at the corner of Plympton and Mt. Auburn, a small fig tree is bristling with snow, and "could not be happier that spring is almost here!"  

Calendars show that spring will begin on March 21st

This news comes at an important time for a variety of trees, many of which rely, like the fig tree, on sunlight and temperate climates to survive and grow.

The fig tree, which asked for anonymity, could "taste a change in the winds."   When pressed for details, the fig tree would only add that "it has been very cold" and that "[soon] it would not be so cold." 

While a boost in temperature and the changing of the seasons would certainly aid in the production of sugars and other organic compounds within the fig tree, not everyone is so confident that spring is almost here.

A local maple tree expressed concerns that "spring will come when it is time" and that "increased moisture is desired."

The fig tree echoed concerns that "increased moisture is desired."

At press time, most rocks had declined to comment.  

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