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Walking Slowly Is One of Life’s Greatest and Most Sincere Pleasures

Putting the sole of my shoe to the pavement, step after step, reminds me of how our forbearers were one with Nature.
By The Person Walking in Front of You
I often find myself requiring to traverse from some location to another. And sometimes, when I need to do this, and the locations are close enough to each other, I choose to walk as my method of transportation. I do love a good walk. When I was young, I would walk every morning with my father and mother, and we would hold hands and walk, leisurely, through fields of bright green grass as the sun rose over cloudless skies. We would feel the dew brush against our ankles, smell the fresh and invigorating scent of nature, and walk, slowly, just to enjoy ourselves.
I find a microcosm of this enjoyment in every time that I walk from any point to any other. While some people dread having to walk a very long distance- like, say, from Mather to the rest of Harvard campus- I see every such journey as an opportunity to drink in my surroundings, to really feel myself become one with nature and the outside. People rush past me on the street all the time, and I think to myself, “What hurry could they be in? That they ignore the simple pleasures of a nice 20 to 30 minute walk?”
Because the truth is, I love walking slowly. When you walk quickly, with the sole intention of getting to your destination as quickly as possible, you lose sight of the more important things in life. Does it matter if you get to your class on time? I would argue that truly it does not- not compared to how much it matters to accept your fate as part of the Earth and as one of its inhabitants, and to take pleasure from the gift of being able to walk it freely. The Earth created you. The least you could do is admire it.
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