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I Paid $25 to Watch Hot People Walk

Models walk down the runway as a sophisticated audience looks on.

Not to brag, but I think of myself as a pretty sophisticated person. I love to visit art museums, discuss literature, and speak French: bonjour, oui, baguette! So when my hip friend Julia told me about a fashion show this weekend, I knew I had to go. What could be more sophisticated than spending two hours of my Saturday night watching hot people walk? 

Not one to be unprepared, I bought my tickets a week in advance. The lady at the box office told me that general admission tickets were cheaper, but I insisted on VIP. What’s the point of watching hot people walk if other hot people can’t see you watching them walk? My total cost came to $25. Done. 

On the night of the show, I was blown away. Not only did the hot people walk, they also walked with different types of fabric stretched across their bodies. Amazing! I don't think walking has seen this much praise since 1997, when I took my first two steps as a baby and fell flat on my ass. This was wayyy cooler though. 

Ultimately, the show was totally worth it. Now, everyone thinks I’m a real Anna Wintour—and it cost me only $25 and two hours of my time! Next time I go out, I can’t wait to spend $80 falling asleep to classical music!

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