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In Honor of Indigenous People’s Day and National Coming Out Day, I Will Be Watching Netflix’s “Tall Girl”

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by Someone Who Gets It


It’s October, and that means more than just pumpkin-spice lattes and slutty Halloween costumes. It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, Indigenous People’s Day, and National Coming Out Day. And unlike all of you, I actually care about these social issues. That’s why I will be watching Netflix’s “Tall Girl” every day this month.


“Tall Girl” tells the inspiring story of Jodi Kreyman, a courageous, white girl from a loving, upper-middle class two-parent home who must overcome the challenge of being somewhat taller than average. Not only do the malicious bullies in her school ask her things like “How tall are you?” but they even go so far as to ask “Do you play basketball?”


Some Mexican immigrants are being held up in cages by ICE, separated from their children and loved ones, but this girl is fighting her own fight: she's asked to prom by a guy shorter than she is. She can never wear jeans without showing off her legs that go for days, and she has to deal with the unfortunate circumstance of being as tall and as thin as model (and without any dieting). It’s one thing to have your entire native population wiped out by white colonizers, but that doesn’t even compare to the pain of never finding size 13 shoes at the store. Can you even imagine how awkward going out shopping with the girls must be? 


At least Native Americans get Indigenous People’s Day, and the LGBTQ+ community gets National Coming Out Day, and Hispanics get Hispanic Heritage Month. But what holiday do tall, blonde white girls like Jodi get besides the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show?


I tried explaining to my roommate why Jodi Kreyman was the heroine of our time, but she refused to listen, claiming that she needed to “speak with her lawyer about her DACA status”. What a lame excuse! That right there shows exactly what’s wrong with today’s society: we refuse to hear the stories of people that look and act differently from us, and frankly, I find it repulsing. That’s why I’m inviting everyone to a screening of “Tall Girl” this Friday. It’s completely free and open to anyone; we just ask that if you’re a woman under 5’9” that you check your coat and your privilege when you enter the theater.



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