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Screenwriting 101 Application Now Requires 3-5 Page Screenplay Sample, Two Oscar Nominations, and Letter Proving You Were the First Woman Cast by Hasty Pudding Theatricals

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Harvard’s Introduction to Screenwriting class will now ask applicants to provide a 3-5 screenplay sample, proof of at least two Oscar nominations, and an acceptance letter proving they were the first woman cast to perform for Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

The class’s professor explained that this decision was made so that the class could maintain its intimate, seminar setting.

“We are trying to narrow the applicant pool while still leaving the door open for students who haven’t had as much experience in screenwriting yet,” she said. “So we only ask for a 3-5 page sample instead of a full screenplay in standard dramatic format, and Oscar nominations rather than Oscar wins.”

Maya R. Blige ’20, a student who was admitted into the class this semester, said she approved of the changes, because it is important to strike a balance between requiring some experience and allowing students to explore new interests.

“For example, for me, my high school was only able to provide a very basic, rudimentary screenwriting class, and the screenwriters my dad was able to arrange for me to meet are so avant-garde that mainstream Hollywood screenwriters aren't on a first name basis with them. But I was still able to get into the class,” she said. “That’s what Harvard is all about.”

The class’s professor added that she considers gender parity while picking applications, especially considering the dearth of female directors and screenwriters in the film industry.

“We think the Hasty Pudding requirement will go a long way in rectifying this issue,” she said.

At press time, the admissions office was updating its advertising pamphlets' diversity section to boast that its screenwriting classes are now 100% women.

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