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Satire V Endorses Abe Liu

Abe Liu represents a bold departure from the past, when only Harvard students could participate in student politics.

Satire V is proud to endorse Abe Liu for the position of President of the Harvard Undergraduate Council.  We believe that Liu has the gumption to cross partisan lines and even physical boundaries in order to benefit the Harvard community.  No other candidate has close to his amount of experience with the administration, Securitas, and HUPD, and no one has struggled like he has to overcome the injustices he has encountered.  

Liu’s extremely inclusive views of the Harvard community make him the perfect leader for the UC, an organization dedicated to representing Harvard students and people who sleep in the dorms.  His views on futon subsidies, reduced HUID checks, and a bold open-door policy set him apart from his competitors.  

Abe Liu is a paragon of truth, reform, honesty, social spaces, virtue, diversity (and a member of the Phoenix), and it is Satire V’s pleasure to wish him the best of luck!

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