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Professor Insists You Don't Even Need to Exist to Come to Office Hours

During the lecture, Professor Hackenheim also insisted there are no prerequisites for the course, before launching into a detailed discussion of Foucauldian discourse analysis.
CAMBRIDGE, MA - During an introductory lecture, intellectual history professor Irma Hackenheim insisted that students don't even need to exist in the physical universe for them to come to office hours.
"My door is always open. You don't need to have specific questions prepared in advance. You don't need to have a general idea of what you want to discuss," said Hackenheim. "In fact, you don't need to be a living, breathing human being. There are absolutely no requirements."
"It's so refreshing to see a professor embrace the most important tenet of a liberal arts education: the search for knowledge," said Winthrop sophomore and demonic spiritual entity Linda Isaacson. "I am excited to learn about continental intellectual history, as well as the ways of this earthly realm."
Professor Hackenheim claims her practice of keeping open office hours is why she is one of the college's most popular lecturers. 
"Students love coming to my office hours. Some of my favorite conversations have been with students totally unfamiliar with German social theory, as well as with otherworldly ghouls who know next to nothing about the mortal world."
At press time, reports indicate that students and spirit world inhabitants alike prepared ten questions in advance of meeting Hackenheim for a brief introductory conversation.
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