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Literal Hell to be Offered This Spring

According to some sources, the course will automatically be added to your study card if you don't lottery into RE 18: Heaven.

A new course, RELIGION 666a, will be offered this spring, according to the registrar. The class, ‘Literal Hell’, will examine perspectives of hell through immersion, aiming to providing students with a greater understanding of religious stories. Additionally, the course hopes to enable students to sympathize with characters such as Dante, Persephone, and others.

Taught by Professor Daemon Lucifer, the class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am in the iLabs. Following observations that students tend to learn the most right before a midterm, the class will have Midterms every Thursday with Tuesday’s class being a mandatory review session. That is, until after the add/drop deadline when Tuesday classes will also become midterms. Sectioning will occur, but with the sole purpose of handing back graded midterms.

Not having much content to draw on, Professor Lucifer says exams will consist entirely of an individual student’s previously failed exams spanning all the way back through high school. If no previous exams can be found, MATH55 exams will be used instead, with the course automatically dropping a student’s highest midterm grade. However, the class will be curved. The curve is designed so that exactly one student will receive an A, and all exams will include an extra ‘prisoner’s dilemma page’ where students may arbitrarily take points away from up to five other students in the class.                                                                                         

RELIGION 666a completes all GenEds, and can be double counted for them, provided the student has already completed any GenEd they intend to count it towards. This class expects to enroll many students also taking MATH55, PHYS16, and STAT110, and it is being considered as a requirement for the pre-med track.

When asked for comment regarding the new course, professor Lucifer responded that “[he’d] like to remind students that in light of the cheating scandal a few years back, all grades higher than a 95 will be considered an ad-boardable offense, and that cheating will not be tolerated.”

No details have been released on the second part of the course 666b: Atonement of Sins.

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