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Katie Lapp Trapped in my.harvard Sign In Page

A picture of the my.harvard sign in page with Katie Lapp's head
Lapp, pictured here trapped inside the my.harvard sign in page, will hopefully escape before Study Card Day.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – According to a recent email sent out to the students, faculty, and staff, Katie Lapp, Executive Vice President of Harvard University, is currently trapped in the my.harvard sign in page.

“Dear members of the Harvard community,” Lapp wrote in her email, which was sent over the campus-notify email list. “I hope you enjoyed your winter break! While browsing the Internet I decided to check if my petition to count VES 132R for SPU had finally been accepted. But suddenly I found myself stuck in an endless loop of my.harvard sign in pages. Before I could even think about removing my.harvard website data from my browser, I felt a strange tingling sensation, and instantly I was transformed into nothing but a series of 1s and 0s.”

Lapp managed to successfully send out the email from her phone right before entering the infinite cycle of technical difficulties. “It seems as though nobody is ever going to fix this, and I'm going to be trapped forever,” Lapp wrote. “I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, if Bill Murray had to clear his cache every single goddamn time he wanted to check his grades...updates will also be posted to the Harvard Emergency page and 866-496-NEWS.”

Lapp, who supervises the financial, administrative, human resources, campus services, planning and project management, development in Allston, health services, information technology, and diversity functions of the University, repeatedly called out for help and submitted a ticket to the HUIT Service Desk before the faulty login page engulfed her, but HUIT employees just kept advising her to read up on the four common sign in problems.


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