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I Can’t Be Racist, I’ve Exclusively Dated Asian Girls

I definitely can't be racist.

By a white man in the East Asian Studies department

When I first began my academic career in East Asian Studies in Fong Auditorium (that’s Chinese for “capacity: 144”), I thought to myself, “Chad, are people going to think that your interest in Asian culture is due to a buried fascination with the exotified other?” 

Well, after almost twelve credits towards my degree, I think we can all agree that the answer is no. I consider myself what the Japanese would call a “ 外人 (gaijin)” or “cultural envoy” to the various Asian peoples in the Harvard community. In fact, I’ve exclusively dated Asian women. I like to think this little sacrifice on my part helps to bridge the divide between these two cultures that I know and love so well: Northern Connecticut, and all of continental Asia. 

Some people have said that my “yellow fever” is “problematic” and “emblematic of deeper internalized expectations about the roles of femininity and race,” and to those people I would like to say that you simply don’t understand the relationship I’ve developed with these women. We have a “种族主义者 (Zhǒngzú zhǔyì zhě)” way of understanding each other. And I think that’s kind of beautiful, but, more importantly, it makes me really, really, progressive. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love all Asian peoples, cultures, and traditions. I think that you should all stop criticizing me for racial insensitivity and accept the fact that it’s actually super tolerant that all my exes are Asian girls whose names I get mixed up from time to time. It’s just how I live my “인종 차별 주의자 (injong chabyeol juuija)” life. I love all kinds of women, from all over the globe, who all happen to be East Asian. I guess that’s just the accepting kind of person who I am. There really isn’t a traditionally attractive Asian person who I wouldn’t date.

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