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HRDC Unanimously Votes to Cap Number of Tickets Available for UC Representatives

Members of the HRDC at their board meeting

CAMBRIDGE, MA— Thespians representing the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club voted yesterday to limit the number of productions that UC officials are eligible to attend. Titled the “Open Theatre Ticket Ordinance of 2016”, the group decided that this was “the only way” to provide drama to the broader non-UC community at Harvard.

Recognizing that this may come across as belligerent and unprecedented to UC members, the HRDC is allocating extra tickets to any members of the UC that “embody our compelling interests.” Those UC members who regularly break into song and dance while campaigning or use gaff tape to write their policy proposals rejoiced at this news, while others felt like the requirements were “limiting” and “irrelevant to the UC’s true function”.

Some members even think the proposal will foster a hostile culture among UC members as they compete over limited seats. Crimson Yard representative Peter Suarez voiced his distress: “We’re used to campaigning against each other on the issues, but now we have to outshine each other during the semester! It really puts a damper in the ‘We’re All In This Together’ mentality that we had going for us.”

At press time, several UC members considered putting up a production of Othello for their own enjoyment, only to realize they knew absolutely nothing about what goes into putting up a theatrical production.


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