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Harvard Summer School Proctor Wants to “Hang Out”

"Ooh! They're playing 21 Jump Street at the SOCH! We could do that!"

               Summer School proctor Tom Stevens, class of 2016, has expressed a desire to “hang out” with other Harvard students living in and around campus this summer. Stevens, who has spent the last two months living in Canaday, indicated this afternoon that he would love to “just chill, you know?” with his peers participating in PRISE, BLISS, and other summer research and work opportunities at Harvard.

               “Well, I mean, I can’t bring you to my room,” said Stevens, “But we can definitely go to the New Quincy basement. It has air conditioning!” Stevens was quick to add that he would have to be back at Canaday by 10:00pm “to check [his] kids in” for the night.

               When asked whether he would like to go see a movie or maybe grab a bite to eat, Stevens explained that, while the Summer School does not provide monetary compensation for his services, the program is nevertheless “totally great, yeah, yeah. I get to take a Summer School course for free! And I get to eat HUDS all summer. Those things are like money, right?”

               At press time, Stevens was on the phone with the Boston Police Department, attempting to find a Summer School student who went missing downtown after a day of bragging about his fake ID to anyone who would listen.

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