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Harvard Sophomore Takes Perfect Selfie

Bernard's sorority sisters allegedly began liking the photo forty seconds before it was originally posted.

Cambridge, MA – Harvard sophomore Emily Bernard captured what many have described as “the perfect selfie.” The picture has garnered over 75 likes on Facebook since Bernard posted it last Friday night.

 The photo, taken on Bernard’s iPhone 4s, depicts Bernard reflected in a bathroom mirror, leaning forward slightly and pursing her lips. Bernard also shared the photo over Instagram, applying a tasteful sepia tone filter.

 “It shows just enough cleavage so I look hot, but not so much that I look slutty, y’know?” said Bernard.

 Bernard claims that several men have already expressed romantic interest in response to the photo. “Hey cutie, hmu ;)” commented one of Bernard’s Facebook friends. “Daaaamn your sexy,” posted another. 

 But not all of the response has been positive. Allison Nichols, who attended high school with Bernard, posted a comment critiquing Bernard’s choice of outfit, calling it “mega skanky” and alluding to Bernard’s well-publicized eating disorder.

 Nonetheless, Bernard has remained positive, setting the photo as her new default picture on Facebook and Twitter, replacing a photo of Bernard with a stranger she met that totally looks like Johnny Depp.

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