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Feminist Win! Hasty Pudding to Let Woman of the Year Operate Lights at Man of the Year Ceremony

A lighting structure.
How about them apples? A famous woman will be allowed to operate these babies!

Talk about progress! Today the all-male Hasty Pudding, the nation's oldest theater company, announced that it will let next year's Woman of the Year operate the lights during its annual Man of the Year ceremony.

Now that's a WIN! Am I right, ladies?

The Pudding, which already advances the cause of women in the arts by letting female students operate lights during their regular performances, will now give a famous woman the chance to do the same. She’ll have to be careful, though, because if she accidentally shines even a sliver of a spotlight on another woman, she’ll be escorted off the premises immediately.

Take that, patriarchy!

Rumors have already begun to swirl regarding what else the Woman of the Year will be allowed to do, including: constructing sets for the Man of the Year to stand on; building set pieces for him to sit on; and even designing costumes for him to put his superior male body into. Wow, next year is really sure to be a feminist extravaganza!

We don't know about you, but we just can't wait to see the look on her face when the Man of the Year receives the golden trophy she helped mold from scratch! #YasQueen

No word yet on whether the Hasty Pudding will allow trans people to join the cast, but how much more #woke can you really expect them to be?

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