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CEB Announces 'Who' Will Headline Yardfest

Students are hoping that, after all the hype surrounding this year's concert, they won't get fooled again next year.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – After months of student demands to the Harvard College Events Board, “The Who” will headline this year’s Yardfest, according to an official announcement made by the CEB Monday evening. 

“Our primary focus was to pick an artist that all students would be happy with,” announced CEB chair Matthew B. Lair ’17. “Typically, we receive requests for artists all over the musical spectrum, from Carly Rae Jepsen to The Chainsmokers. This year, we were shocked to see such a consensus among the student body. Day after day, all we ever heard from the student body was a single request: ‘Who!’”

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana praised the announcement, saying he was “positive that students will respond to the selection with excitement, as in the Yard, in Annenberg, and online, all [I] ever heard was ‘Who! Who! Who!’”

The CEB expressed their thankfulness for such strong student input. “Initially, we were really unsure whom we would pick to headline this year’s Yardfest,” said CEB member Jacob R. Blanch ’19. “We had a plethora of potential artists lined up, including Beyoncé and Chance the Rapper. We decided not to go with any of them after students reached a unanimous consensus. Hey, Tommy really is a great album!”

However, the announcement was met with bewilderment on the part of students. "Who now?” asked Carolyn G. Park. "No actually, who is headlining Yardfest?”

As for the opening acts, the CEB says that "What" will be up first, followed by "I Don't Know."

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