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Area VES Student’s Final Project Is Literally a Jar of Mayonnaise

CAMBRIDGE, MA – This past month, VES concentrator Lucy D. Cho ’19 turned in a mayonnaise sculpture as her final project for VES 132R that was deemed absolutely meaningless by every single person who viewed it.

Cho conceived of her magnum opus in a local deli. She explained, “When you say, ‘Yes, I would like mayonnaise on that Black Forest ham footlong’ enough times, you really start to grasp the transgressive possibilities of this gelatinous medium."

Cho wrote an essay to accompany her work that described her process: “Consider the egg: It once bore the potential to spawn new life, but it’s been cracked, falling devastatingly short of its potential. It has found synergy with vinegar, oil, and, on a good day, a pinch of Cajun spices. Emulsified in harmony, this piece embodies the gooey nature of the human condition: thick yet impermanent, clumpy yet smooth.”

Upon viewing Cho’s final project, professor Nora W. Schultz said, “Bitch, that’s literally just a jar of mayonaisse.”

Hungry peers walking by the class' exhibition in the Carpenter Center took fingerfuls of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise for the road. Cho, in a huff, said, “I wouldn’t expect you uncultured Ec concentrators to understand."

At press time, a HUDS worker was arriving on the scene to rush the sequestered mayonnaise back to Annenberg just in time for lunch.

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