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Area Section Kids Resort to Memes to Espouse Their Terrible Opinions

Fuck you
"I'm just exercising my right to free speech!"

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Holed up in dorm rooms to scour their Facebook feeds for any post into which they could insert their unwanted opinions, area section kids have reportedly resorted to using memes to assert their 10th-grade-level views on matters such as racism, classism, capitalism, and free speech.

“Without any GenEd discussion sections left to take, it’s really hard to interrupt someone’s well-articulated argument to obnoxiously play devil’s advocate,” said the loudmouth contrarians. “With memes, it’s so much easier to start bigoted discourse unprompted,” continued the predominantly ec and gov concentrators, sifting through Wikipedia articles on Latin phrases they didn’t understand.

Sources confirmed that the section kids, who consider Family Guy to be the pinnacle of comedy, find memes an even better way than “pushing back on that” to ignore and belittle those who are personally affected by an issue, claiming that it’s “just a meme” when faced with criticism for their blatant racism.

“How are people so offended?” said the privileged blowhards, unable to give two shits about how the strain of daily marginalization affects their “progressive” causes like inclusivity and mental health. “People are just too sensitive,” they sighed, photoshopping memes from 2009 about how people not putting up with them on a literal meme page is “censorship.”

 “[Censorship] is the enemy of democracy,” continued the self-important antagonists, who somehow conflate free speech in the public sphere with having unfettered license to spew their callous bullshit in private spaces without consequences.

At press time, reports indicate that the section kids, though typically isolated in their own sections and subdued by fed-up TFs, have begun to gather together online to amplify each other’s idiocy.

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