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Andrew Berry Announces Clothing Line of Just Navy Polos and Grey Sweaters

Glamour magazine featuring Andrew Berry
Andrew Berry models the Winter Series for his fashion line debut
CAMBRIDGE, MA—Dr. Andrew Berry, Harvard Lecturer in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and style legend, has announced the launch of his new clothing line, "The Natural Selection," which consists of literally only navy blue polo shirts and grey v-neck sweaters.
"The Natural Selection" is inspired by Berry’s personal fashion sense, which students have described as “daring,” “sleek,” and “He washes that, right?” The collection is split into seasons: The Warm Weather Line consists of just the polos, while the Winter Series features only the sweaters.
Berry advises pairing the look with jeans, the same brown loafers every day all year, and a subtle patch of snowy white chest hair that peeks out of the v-neck of the polo. He has no plans to include any of these in his collection because “I can’t provide everything for you, you little wanker.”
Berry was inspired to design the collection because everyone was worse-dressed than him. “Apparently I’m the only person on this campus with any sense of style,” Berry said, alluding to the two different outfits he sports year-round. “You’ll never be as good-looking as I am, but you should all feel intensely grateful to have the opportunity to dress like me.”
At press time, Berry was announcing a formal wear addendum to "The Natural Selection," a line of blue and white button-down shirts called "The Neutral Theory."


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