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Advisors Glam Up For Awards Season

Advisors: photographed more than the John Harvard statue.

CAMBRIDGE, MA –- Advisors all across campus are preparing to kick off the 2016 awards season, starting with the Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising. The highly coveted prize comes with a gold star sticker and the opportunity to give a three-minute speech that will invariably be cut short with instrumental music after just thirty seconds.

Freshman advisor Catherine Lawrence has been nominated three years in a row, but has never won. “I feel like 2016 is my year,” said Lawrence. “People have been buzzing about me for a while now, saying I’ve been snubbed in the past – I’m like the Leonardo DiCaprio of advisors.”  

Charles Wu, on the other hand, is new on campus as a concentration advisor, but has a great underdog appeal. He explained that he knows he had a breakout performance this year in the Applied Math department, but was still shocked and humbled just to be considered. “I wonder if I got nominated because I lost 50 pounds for my role as overworked Teaching Fellow?” asked Wu. "Either way, I'll take it."

“When I look at the names of the other nominees in my category for Supporting Female Advisor in a Social Science Concentration, I’m just honored to be listed among them,” explained Angela Jacobs. She added that this award “counts more than any other award because it’s not from the Academy or the faculty; it’s from the fans.” For the ceremony, Jacobs said she plans to wear a pantsuit from Banana Republic and carry a “a bright pink clutch” because she “likes to take risks on the red-brick sidewalk.” 

When students were asked to comment on their predictions for the 2016 Advisor Awards Season, they responded, “What advisors?” 


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