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7 Ways To Fake Working So It Doesn’t Look Like You’re Sitting Alone In The Kirkland Dining Hall

You're Never Alone.

1. Get a table near an outlet to keep your computer charged.

2. Look frustrated while staring intently at the screen, typing at a minimum of 100 wpm as you devour a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys.

3. Spread out multiple books across the table. They can picture books, tabloids, or in igpay atinlay; any book will do.

4. Take a pill bottle and scribble “ADDERALL” across the front with a sharpie. Leave the bottle out in the open for everyone to see.

5. Put a sign on the table that says “Stat 110.5 Office Hours” (aka just make up a class).

6. Have your headphones in and whatever you do, don’t look up. Ever.

 7. If you start sobbing, say something along the lines of "This Pset is so hard" instead of "why doesn't anyone want to give love a try?"



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