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“Wholesome Fresh” Definitely Not Hiding Anything

A photo of Wholesome Fresh, a store that replaced Market in the Square
Nothing to see here!

HARVARD SQUARE — Wholesome Fresh, a casual restaurant-convenience store hybrid that started in Rhode Island, opened its doors Thursday morning and is definitely not hiding anything. 

Like Market in the Square, which previously occupied the property, Wholesome Fresh offers fresh food. Unlike Market in the Square, it is entirely wholesome and is not doing anything illegal, like not paying rent, which must be true because it has a nice-sounding name.

One employee said that what makes Wholesome Fresh unique is its commitment to looking as aboveboard as possible. "Most of the things we have include no artificial ingredients," she explained. "We don't sell preservative-packed products like Coke. Definitely no Coke here."

She added, "Also, we are definitely not a front for anything illegal. That’s why our name includes both the words 'wholesome' and 'fresh.' Duh."

Another employee, Rico, discussed some of the other names Wholesome Fresh considered. "They thought about naming it 'Squeaky Clean,' 'Definitely Pure,' or 'Nothing to See Here, Officer,'" Rico said. "But Wholesome Fresh was the most on-the-nose name we could think of."

Image credit: Amy Li, The Harvard Crimson 

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