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POLL: Actually Do You Really Have Terrible Taste in These Actuaries’ Packed Lunches?

Bagged lunch items
Well? What's it gonna be? We're waiting.

Let’s see if you really have what it takes to make a smart-ass decision here, champ.

Phyllis’ ham and swiss cheese sandwich from two days ago. Pickle on the side. Soggy Sun Chip.




I’d dive headfirst into a tub of ham and swiss cheese.


I would be happy if it burned in the oven, but all the way until it was a crisp.

YOU CHOSE: HATE IT (2%). Ooh, looks like you’re wrong here, champ. Maybe, not-champ. Is what you should be called. Bad choice.


Rodney’s “power salad” which has twice the dressing and half the nuts of most power salads, with three chicken breast chunks not used in yesterday’s chicken breast chunk salad.


That’s the best ratio, I swear on my life.


This salad like, barely makes you any more powerful.

YOU CHOSE: LOVE IT (72%). Good choice. Rodney worked hard for this ratio. It takes a great mind to think like everyone else to appreciate not thinking like everyone else to invent a great power salad.

Antonio’s spaghetti and meatballs in a perfectly sized tupperware container, but you are probably gonna have to rummage around the office for a bowl to microwave it in because you still don’t know if tupperware is microwavable, and that is a little stressful. What if that bowl's dirty, too? Paralysis. You maintain a blank stare for five minutes.


I bet these meatballs are perfectly ground. A tupperware container was my first pet, Tuppy, and I’ll never forget it. Not now, when it matters more than ever.


What’s even the point of eating it now. My day is ruined, I can’t even find a bowl. I like my spaghetti without safe or potentially melted plastic, thank you very much.

YOU CHOSE: HATE IT (52%). Great choice. Society says that 2% is the margin to be edgy but not too edgy, and you’ve walked the tightrope flawlessly. Good job, champ :). No, please do not cry.


Edith’s ham and swiss cheese sandwich from one day ago. Pickle relish.



That is vile. Nobody would ever eat that. Not even a trash bag. Burn it, maybe.

YOU CHOSE: HATE IT (100%). Fuck you, Edith.

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