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Office of Student Life Releases List of Uncommon Spaces

The Alexander horned sphere, which is quite uncommon among liberal arts majors.
While plenty of ink has been spilled over common spaces at Harvard, little attention has been given to more uncommon spaces. Luckily, the Office of Student Life has released a list of uncommon spaces for student reference:
1. That space between your bed and the wall where you once dropped a mechanical pencil
2. The currently-under-construction basement of Winthrop
3. The pocket of your roommate's winter jacket
4. Annenberg in the hour in between Breakfast and lunch
5. The short but frightening distance one falls after leaning too far back in the dorm wooden rocking chairs
6. The space in an empty toner cartridge as you struggle to print your essay in time
7. Your professor's office outside of office hours
8. The Alexander horned sphere 
9. The SOCH
10. Your Faculty Dean's dog's gaping maw
11. Taylor Swift's blank space
12. Schrödinger's box 
13. Ted Cruz's kill room
14. The space between sentences
15. The double space between sentences for people who do that
16. Even more space you put between sentences when you've already made the periods font size 13 and you're still below page count

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