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LEAKED: Taylor Swift's New “Reputation” Songs

Satire V got a sneak peek at the "Reputation" album.

Taylor Swift's Reputation, one of the year's most hotly anticipated albums, is scheduled for release this November. Satire V got a sneak peek at the pop songstress' upcoming songs: 

1. "I Love Bread"

Proving herself once again to be the queen of relatability, Swift pays homage to an American staple in this sparkling opening track. Thanks to a two-year advertising contract with Wonder Bread, each album comes with a loaf of Wonder Bread’s new special-edition white bread—available only at Target. 

2. "Fuck Me, Tall Boy" 

A raw synth-pop track about lusting after the nearest beanpole at the club. With sparse vocals layered over a dubstep beat, this song is perfect for when one-too-many Malibus has got you feeling hot and bothered for an Academy Award-winning movie star who can give you a tour of his private jet. 

3. "Say Sorry or I'll Kill You" 

A cautionary tale about messing with a mega-millionaire, “Say Sorry or I’ll Kill You” is an angry, no-holds-barred anthem that features three explicit murder threats, seventeen voodoo dolls, and one giant victim complex. 

4. "Mad, Bad, and Glad" 

A stunning mediation on the volatility of your late twenties, “Mad, Bad, and Glad”—produced by Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff—is a real tour de force. Echoing her “22” days of being simultaneously happy, free, confused and lonely, Swift offers a blunter take on adulthood, straight from a third grader's diary. 

5. "Steal My Man and I'll Steal Your Culture" ft. Migos

A breezy, tropical jam with reggae, R&B, and hip-hop influences. The glamorous 1940s-style music video is shot in Mumbai but somehow only features white people. Includes a surprise verse from Atlanta rap trio Migos because why not? 

6. "All of My Friends Are Hot and Thin"

Strident and unapologetic, “All My Friends Are Hot and Thin” is this decade's feminist anthem. It directly references four Victoria’s Secret supermodels, an indie-rock trio, five Academy Award winners, two hot celebrity babies, and Michelle Obama. The cover art for the track is a purposefully faded Polaroid candid from their Labor Day celebration at Swift's Rhode Island mansion. 

7. "You Belong To Me" 

A contemporary rewrite of an old classic. This heartfelt Fearless-era love song has been updated with lyrics like “she wears short skirts / I wear short skirts / she’s cheer captain and / I run a multimillion-dollar brand.” Young love never sounded so tuneless. 

BONUS TRACK: "There’s A Special Place In Hell For Women Who Don’t Support Me"
BONUS TRACK: "Teardrops on my Swarovski Guitar"

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