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If you send a mouse a birthday text...

If you give this guy a cookie, you'll probably want a lawyer soon enough.

If you send a mouse a birthday text, he’ll probably want to “catch up some time”.      

If you vaguely say “that would be nice” he’ll probably want specifics.

If you give the mouse specifics, he’ll probably invite you to a Frozen-themed stein club…in Dunster.

If you go to the mouse’s stein club, he’ll probably want to bone.          

When he’s finished he’ll ask for a napkin.

And then he’ll want to look in the mirror. To make sure he doesn’t have a  “milk mustache.”

While he’s there, he might notice his hairs need a trim. So he’ll probably ask to borrow your Bic™ Single Blade Shaver.

While he’s at it, he might nick himself and when he does he might comment passive aggressively on the quality of your toiletries.

 If you politely invite him to leave, he might tearfully apologize and say he’s been really stressed lately.

 And if he cries, you’ll probably let him stay the night.

After he stays the night, he’ll need to run to SLS26: The Toll of Infection the next morning.

 In his hurry, he might forget his Sonicare™ electric toothbrush.

But if you text him “hey u forgot ur brush”….

He’ll probably want to “catch up some time.”

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