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Cause for Celebration: They Left George Clooney in Space After Filming “Gravity,” And He Just Completed His First Orbit Around the Earth

Wow! George Clooney is still in orbit!

Pop the champagne! Remember how five years ago George Clooney was accidentally left in space during the filming of Gravity? Well he just completed his first orbit around the Earth!

In October of 2012, the cast and crew of Gravity were just wrapping up shooting by Comet Encke. Everyone hugged, cried, and boarded the spaceship to head back to Earth. Little did they know, co-star George Clooney was floating through space a mile away after accidentally propelling himself there with his own pee stream. Talk about bad timing!

After five years in orbit, the most incredible thing just happened: George Clooney made it all the way around the Earth. Party time! NASA hosted a big celebration for George Clooney, and the president even radioed into his headset to sing him a congratulatory song.

But as crowds prepared for George Clooney to descend after his big loop, he shocked the world once more. That’s right: George Clooney started another orbit! People all over the world clapped and cheered as he zipped right through the finish line and kept on going.

Are you kidding me? This is the perfect ending to the perfect story. What can’t this guy do?

It’s happy times like this when it’s important to look back and remember all those clear summer nights when you were lying in the grass and you saw George Clooney’s limp body zoom across the night sky like a shooting star. Now we can look forward to seeing it all again. Too. Perfect.

Cheers, George!

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