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Baby Carrot Grows to Resent Father

A baby carrot.
Baby Carrot has grown to resent his father, Carrot, as well as his diminutive stature.
THE GROUND – In a sad but somewhat predictable development, Baby Carrot has grown to resent his father.
Baby's father, known as Carrot, has always been much larger and more popular than his son. This has planted resentment in the tiny orange heart of Baby Carrot– a feeling that cannot be easily uprooted.
"Everyone loves my dad," said Baby Carrot. "They use him in chicken noodle soup, Bugs Bunny cartoons, and generally to represent all carrots. What about Baby Carrot, huh? Why is there no love for me?"
"I hate you, dad!" Baby Carrot yelled, as carrots do, into the soil in order to muffle the noise. "Sorry I can't be exactly like you!"
A frustrated Carrot did not welcome his son's feelings.
"Actually, we have a lot more in common than he realizes," said Carrot, who seemed at his wit's end. "I never had the heart to tell him that he's actually a baby-cut carrot, meaning he's just a small piece cut off me. We are forever tied together, bound by the circumstances of his origin."
As of press time, Mother Carrot had been trying to stay out of the dispute, which she says is "about size over substance, as usual."
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