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Are These Sharply-Dressed White Men Punching a Final Club, or Just a Group of Dapper Young Lads?

Look at these young fellas. Can you guess whether these folks are just some stylish whippersnappers enjoying each other’s company on a neighborhood stoop, or if they’re participating in an exclusionary ritual that only serves to perpetuate elitism at a university grappling with its history of discrimination? This one’s got me stumped!

Golly, those are some wacky socks! We’re bringing the difficulty down a notch for this second one. I’m inclined to believe that these modish lads are not trying to gain membership of a final club, but simply gathering to appreciate the subtle sartorial decisions a man can make with his hosiery. Or maybe they’re punching the Fox?

Palm trees? There’s no way these bespectacled blokes are punching a final club! These debonair dudes are clearly just sharing pints with their chums in a tropical setting.

These spruce, stern-faced striplings are quite the intimidating bunch! Why, one look at them and I’m certain that these chauvanistic chaps are gathering not to appreciate the finer aspects of bespoke tailoring, but to actively exclude others from joining them.

Whoa! That’s Jesse Eisenberg! There’s no way this slovenly greenhorn is punching a final club. He’s wearing a black full-zip hoodie, for crying out loud! Get him outta here!

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